In your article on the new 3.6-litre XJS Cabriolet, you state that the new car takes a “still impressive 20.1 seconds” to reach 100 mph. As I am sure you are aware, the original 3.8-litre E-type attained the magic ton in less than 17 seconds — over twenty Years ago. The power from the two engines is very similar, bearing in mind the rather optimistic 265 bhp gross quoted by Jaguars in those days, but the weight for today’s open two-seater is an amazing 32.6 cwt

compared with 24.1 cwt for the first E-types.

As a strong Jaguar supporter (1 hare three) I hope that the next generation of Jaguars with their superb new engines will be rather more svelte and feline and a little less of a “fat cat”, as all this extra weight surely negates any increased efficiency achieved by the Mays head etc.

Carlisle Kirk Rylands