The Hidden 'b's

The Hidden 'Ws


The Cosworth article in the December 1989 issue quotes Mr Goddard as saying that the competitiveness of Grand Prix racing is governed by tyres, chassis, driver and engine in that order.

It would appear that a hidden factor has been considered on page 1270, but in the light of experience, discarded on page 1271. I am referring to the absence of the letter 'b' in the script.

What does a letter 'b' weigh to make it so important as to leave it out 53 times?

It is interesting that further consideration during page 1271 must have brought a conclusion to reinstate it.

I am glad to notice the old formula of "Simplicate and add lightness" is rearing its splendid head again.

All power to Cosworth! R W PHILLIPS, Salcombe, S. Devon

(Having shot the proof reader, we discovered the fault lay not with the unfortunate wretch, nor even with the much maligned printers, but with the computer typesetting system. All the 'b 's were in place when they left the editorial desk, but en route to the printers, were hijacked by a malfunctioning and malevolent typesetting computer. We sincerely apologise for the resulting text).