Brighton Revisited

To complete last month's report on the Veteran Car Run to Brighton, those who failed to start (no doubt to the relief of the 51 reserve entries) numbered 65, and those who did start but who failed to arrive at the Pylons by 4pm were: W Fuchs (1893 Benz), von Pein (1893 Benz), P Briggs (1895 Peugeot), Miss Arnold (1896 Arnold), S Langton (1897 Peugeot), J Sanders (1897 Roberts), D Herrmann (1989 Benz), R Brooks (1989 Mors), K Foulkes-Halbard (1989 Orient Express), I Brooks (1899 Decauville), S Watson (1899 Peugeot), M Bryant (1899 Wolseley), R Horsfield (1900 De Dion), R Fowler (1900 Georges-Richard), H Crowther (1900 SFA), T Curry (1901 Locomobile), L Brown(1901 Locomobile) M Radford (1902 Arrol-Johnston), J Pile (1902 Clement-Panhard), N Macdonald (1902 Darracq), J Shute (1902 De Dion), J Hass (1902 De Dion), T Dickson ( 1902 Delahaye), J Williams (1902 Hayes-Apperson), R Carr (1902 Northern), Mrs Jensen (1902 Oldsmobile), HRH Prince Michael of Kent (1902 Panhard), de Vere Green (1902 Scania), G Phillips (1902 Siddeley), Michael Ware (1903 De Dietrich), D McNeill (1903 De Dion), J Waind (1903 De Dion), M Kampmann (1903 De Dion), C Smith (1903 Humberette), S Knight (1903 Humberette), M Tidy (1903 Panhard), Mrs Banner (1903 Peugeot), T Davies (1903 Sunbeam), P Moffat (1904 Darracq), P Norfolk (1904 De Dion), A Jowsey (1904 De Dion), J West (1904 Ford), D Holyoake (1904 Franklin). Mrs Ayley (1904 Franklin), B Lally (1904 Lanchester), D Pittuck (1904 Napier), D Rogers (Orient Buckboard), R Sharpe (1904 Pope Tribune), R Mills (1904 Renault) and T Henley (1904 Turner-Miesse).