Hill's fleet blues


I hear of some scheme whereby Williams-Renault will run its second car for two drivers in 1993: Nigel Mansell when his American commitments allow, and Damon Hill at other times.

This is a good plan in all but one respect.

It involves Nigel Mansell.

Why can't Williams simply forget any hifalutin' ideas about having two established top-liners and give a hungry driver a fair chance? Nigel Mansell made it plain in Adelaide that he'd had enough of F1 , so why drag him back? He's entertained us royally (leastways on the track) for the past few years; now let somebody else have a chance.

Damon has demonstrated his speed in F3000, and proved both capable and consistent in last season's uncompetitive Brabharn. He's also lapped very quickly when carrying out test duties for Williams, and - by all accounts - has Mansell's seal of approval.

It's damned difficult for any driver to break into Grand Prix racing nowadays; what more does Damon Hill have to do to earn his chance?

Brian P Whitcombe, Epsom Downs, Surrey.