Other Voices


Managing Director, Williams Grand Prix Engineering

“Tom is an energetic, aggressive person who will push the workforce along. I don’t think TWR has the resources of McLaren or Williams yet and although it may take him time to get them, he’s made a shrewd move with Bridgestone, Yamaha and the Japanese connection. I think he will try to put a lot of Japanese content and cash into his F1 team and if he’s successful in wooing Honda, then this could move them a row or two up the grid. He’s on the march, no question about it. Somebody has to take over at the front in the fullness of time.”


TWR Jaguar front runner, 1982-89

“Without doubt, Torn will make the F1 big time. He’s got the credibility, engineering expertise and business background. If he had only F1 to focus on, I believe he’d already be there. I owe virtually all I’ve achieved in motor racing to Tom. In 1978, when he didn’t know me from Adam, I wrote to him asking for a chance. He gambled and put me in one of his County Championship BMW 3-series saloons.

It started a 16-year relationship. Tom is tough, but fair. I wouldn’t like to be in the way if he was backed into a corner, but he’d be the first person I would go to if I had a major problem.”