VSCC: More power, more passion

The vintage sports-car club and Historic Grand Prix Cars Association have announced an alliance which will see them run themed historic events, starting with the Richard Seaman meeting at Donington Park.

Running under the banner ‘The Power and the Passion’, it is hoped that a joint venture will offer more to the spectators and provide an even more attractive package at circuits around the country. HGPCA Chairman Julian Sutton said: “The HGPCA has a fabulous range of historic grand prix cars, but wishes to pack more punch with circuits and event organisers. This is achieved by working with the VSCC, the world’s largest historic car club and, coincidentally, the parent organisation from which we came many years ago, and with whom we have a considerable overlap in membership.”

The Richard Seaman Meeting is expected to be held at Donington on 19-20 May 2001, and will include the Historic Motor Racing Nays Gentleman Drivers’ Series; in its third year, this comprises two classes — pre-66 GT cars and pre-63 sportscars. DM