Mitsubishi Lancer evolution

By Brian Long

ISBN 1-903706-27-0

Published by Veloce, £29.99

From its title you might assume this is a potted history of potty cars, starting with the Lancer Evo 1 of 1991. Not so. Here, evolution is a play on words, and Long has included all cars called Lancer since the first model in 1973. He also felt compelled to cover anything called Colt. And curiously decided to provide the history of the Mitsubishi Car company, too.

While we’re griping, one feels that in most of the chapters the images should have been halved in number and doubled in size, for the selection (unnecessarily) seems as detailed as the text.

But Long is nothing if not thorough, and his task of creating a readable record of the Lancer’s road and rally developments is completed impressively and comprehensively. What isn’t in this book isn’t worth knowing. DM