Big crowds out for Veteran Run

I have at last received the results of the IMS London-Brighton Veteran Car Run, held in good weather on November 2. From an entry of 426, six were withdrawn, presumably as a result of the fuss, later resolved, that as is traditional, only pre-1904 vehicles should take part.

This splendid annual event is not a race, but it is of interest to know who excited the great number of spectators by arriving first on Madeira Drive. This was Daniel Ward on his 1896 Panhard-Levassor. He was followed by Raymond Ingrams’ 1904 Mors and Arturo Keller’s 1903 Berliet. The oldest car, Robert Brooks’ 1895 Peugeot, completed the 59 miles successfully, as did 337 others.

The Queen’s chauffeur was a finisher (1900 Daimler), which, if she knew, I hope provided at least a glimmer of pleasure for Her Majesty.

We had been led to believe that post-1904 cars would not be allowed, but it seems that this promise was broken: it is known that on the day John Kennedy, for one, was encouraged to drive his 1905 Rolls-Royce.

Those who took advantage of the offer, presumably from the IMS/ RAC, would have earned respect, in my view, by declining. Does this bode ill for future L-B Runs?