Nigel Roebuck

The man-made harbour, the sci-fi hotel that crosses the track, the pretty lights in the darkness... Abu Dhabi's El race looks great on TV. As it did for Nigel in the paddock and press room for the much-anticipated season finale. But it takes more than that to impress our editor-in-chief. This is supposed to be a race circuit, after all. His Reflections on Abu Dhabi and the season's climax begins on p16.

Bobby Rahal

Its been a year since Bobby came on board as our guest columnist, and in that time the CART champion and Indy winner has given us some fascinating insights into the challenges facing a team owner and race organiser who's also father of a rising lndycar racer. This is his final column, but we've loved talking to him, and wish him well with his vintage festivals and his star appearances at Goodwood.

Rob Widdows

Rob has seen plenty of captive rally cars scrabbling round Lord March's garden at Goodwood. But when he invited himself (during a website podcast recording with Malcolm and Matt Wilson!) to see them in the wild, it was time to get muddy. And Wales can be very muddy... Mlada Boleslav wasn't though. Is that a rally stage in a Welsh slate mine? No, it's quite a lot further East...

Eoin Young

It's one of the things we're proud of that so many of our articles are written by people who were there even if it was 50 years ago on the other side of the world. Before he came to the UK with Bruce McLaren to be part of his team, Eoin was already a devoted enthusiast at home in New Zealand, so a chance sight of a 1961 picture triggered some colourful memories of a Lady called Wigram.