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Guest editor Allan McNish on loud F1 cars and changing attitudes among younger generations

Allan McNish: I remember Senna testing at Silverstone in the McLaren in 1989. Hearing that V10 screaming down the back straight gave you a tingle down your spine. It sounded so beautiful.
I went with my son to Paul Ricard for the ELMS race. The first thing he did was put on his ear defenders saying ‘this is really noisy, Dad’.
I recall the sound of that V10 with passion; he just thinks it’s bloody noisy. What’s he going to do in five, eight years? He’s the future in terms of buying tickets, getting grandstand seats and taking his family. We have to prepare for their generation because we’re getting old! We’re not the future; we’re the now and will be the past.

Nigel Roebuck: I think there will be a crossover. I won’t want to go to races and hear silent cars. You’ll pull in new fans but lose traditionalists.

Damien Smith: The strength of Le Mans is the diversity. I remember watching in 2009 – the Audis and the Peugeots came through with eerily no noise and then suddenly the V12 Astons would arrive. It was interesting to have the two together.

NR: In 1971 Emerson Fittipaldi ran a Lotus turbine at Monza. That was so silent you could actually hear the brakes come on. That was great because it was a one-off; it was a novelty, but I wouldn’t want to listen to 25 of them…

AM: Mallory Park has gone into administration because of arguments over noise. The crux is, we’ve had problems with Croft and Mallory Park, Brands Hatch has had problems on [race] school days. That’s only going to get worse. There’s not much point in having racing if you don’t have any tracks. It’s something that’s coming; we can’t control it, we have to adapt.

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What our readers think of Vettel

Paul Sainsbury: Frustrated as I am with the tedious dominance, I enjoy Seb’s quirkiness and British sense of humour. Rich Ambroson: I get tired of reading about this great driver being booed. It was refreshing to read about his down-to-earth aspects. Trent: Vettel is outstanding, but it’s a shame he chose the route he did in Malaysia. JSaviano: OK, OK, I give in… he’s a fine fellow. I wish this was more apparent on F1 weekends. While his stomping the field gets a bit tedious, don’t blame him, blame Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, et al…

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Alex Harmer

1: the latest and best Formula 1 film

“Bernie Ecclestone was very nervous of journalists and the kind of people who just want to get dirt,” said director Paul Crowder. “But we wanted to celebrate the sport. Producer Michael Shevloff got him on our side within minutes. He cracked a joke that was such an insider thing to say and we looked at each other and knew…”

Karun Chandhok

The Indian Grand Prix is not dead

Contrary to what some may believe, Bernie really likes India and he is personally keen to have the Indian GP back because he sees the potential. The teams and FOM all have Indian domestic sponsors putting money into the race.

Simon Arron

The real Vettel

I conducted a one-to-one interview with Vettel in 2007 when, aged 19, he was BMW’s F1 reserve. Within three minutes we were discussing Monty Python sketches and his penchant for scouring Heidelberg record shops for obscure Beatles vinyl.

Nigel Roebuck

Roebuck’s legends: Mansell in the media

Mansell is an extreme case, however, and whatever one may think of the man he became, while he was around there was always something to talk about; no one was indifferent. Wherever he was in the world, he had fresh problems flown in daily; even when he won, he came across like Shylock selling wholesale.

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