DTM promoter ITR has unveiled its vision of a hydrogen-powered future. In a video released on social media, 1000hp electric cars powered by swappable hydrogen fuel cells offered a peek into the future of touring car racing, with ITR chairman Gerhard Berger calling the idea “a courageous and innovative concept”.

Pit stops also received a futuristic renovation with fully automated robotic arms replacing all four wheels and the fuel cells as part of the technological revolution. While no launch date was specified, Berger insisted that it offered a view of the future.

“I grew up racing in the 1980s, and I’ve never lost sight of what that decade gave us: spectacular cars that were always driven at the limit; incredibly difficult to master, and, as a result, awe-inspiring and compelling in equal measure. With this concept I want us to embrace that sensation of raw power; of racing at the limits of grip. Not just with 1000bhp, but with a car equipped with the technology of tomorrow, and using models that demonstrate a clear lineage to the major automotive brands. This new breed of touring car will be incredible to watch, and fantastic to drive.”

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