A Sporting Endeavour

Several English entries have been received for the speed trials which are being held by the Motor Cycle Club of France, at Arpajon, outside Paris, on 6th July. Mr. J. G. Parry Thomas with his Leyland Eight, and Mr. E. A. D. Eldridge with his big F.I.A.T., are leaving for France immediately after the B.A.R.C. meeting at Brooklands on 5th July, and will arrive in Paris in time to make attempts on records in the afternoon of 6th July. These famous British drivers will be up against Rene Thomas, the French Ace, with his 350 h.p. Delage, speed champion of France.

The arrangements that are being made to enable the two cars to compete at Arpajon are of interest. An advance guard will leave Brooklands a day before the Brooklands meeting, complete with a supply of tyres, petrol, oil, and all spares for the two racing cars and two mechanics.

As soon as the Brooklands meeting is over, on the Saturday, the Leyland Eight and the big F.I.A.T. will be driven to the coast and shipped over to the other side, where they expect to arrive at Dieppe at 5 a.m. on the morning of the Speed Trial.

The journey to Arpajon is expected to occupy five or six hours, and the cars should be on the course by mid-day. It will be seen that little time will be left for emergencies on the road, or for the quick look-over every racing car needs before the flag falls before the start.

In connection with these events, entry forms may be obtained from Mr. Donald Gedge, c /o. Hann Partners, Engineers, Butts Lodge, Brooklands Track, Byfleet, Surrey.

The famous " Leyland-Thomas " in her 1924 form is, without doubt, one of the finest specimens of streamlining that have yet appeared at Brooklands. A saving of 40 per cent. head resistance is claimed for the new design. This is very considerable when the shape of the streamlining adopted last year is recalled.