VER ninety competitors figure in the entry list of the King’s Cup Race, which takes place on Saturday next, July 5. Standard light ‘planes predominate, but quite a number of new types will be seen competing

for the first time, and this will add greatly to the interest of the contest.

Amongst these are two Hawker “Tomtits,” one entered by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and piloted by SquadronLeader Don, the other entered by Capt. the Hon. F. E. Guest. Other new corners include the Arrow ” Active ” (Cirrus-Hermes), the Hendy 302 (Cirrus-Hermes), the Avro Avian monoplane and the Robinson ” Redwing ” (A.B.C. Hornet). The course will be :—London (Hanworth), Hamble, Bristol, Castle Bromwich, Hooton Park, Manchester, Woodford, Sherburn, Newcastle, Hull, Leicester and Hanworth. The distance is approximately 750 miles and the circuit must be completed by 10 p.m. on the day of the race. The following is the complete list of competing machines with their pilots :

D.H. Moth (F. S. Symondson), D.H. Moth (I. R. Parker), D.H. Moth (A. G.

G. Marshall), Comper Swift, (Gerard Pane), Avro Avian (Lt. Caspar John, R.N.), D.H. Moth (Arthur Stanley Preist), D.H. Moth (Derek Schreiber), D.H. Moth (James Brian Buckley), Puss Moth (Capt. C. D. Barnard).

D.H. Puss Moth (W. L. Hope), D.H. Moth (Lt.Col. A. Hamilton Gault), D.H. Moth (T. H. Naylor), “Spartan Arrow” (W. A. Andrews), D.H. Moth (George Vlasto), D.H. Moth (S. W. Giddy), Spartan (Lt.-Col. L. A. Strange), Westland Widgeon (C. S. Napier), “Spartan Arrow” (Capt. H. H. Balfour), D.

H. Puss Moth (M. H. Findlay).

Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. (Toni Rose), Blackburn Buebird Mark IV. (Captain Norman Blackburn), D.H. Moth (Hon. Lady M.

Bailey), Spartan (H. T. Andrews), Spartan • 3-seater (F.O. H. R. L. Hood), Puss Moth (Captain H. S. Broad), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. (Fl. Lt. G. G. H. Du Boulay), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. (Sq.-Ldr. L. H. Slatter), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. (Col. The Master of Sempill), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. (John W. Gillan), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. (Loel Guinness), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV.

(F1.-Lt. H. R. F. Waghorn), Hawker Tomtit (Sq.-Ldr. D. S. Don), D. H. Moth. (Richard R. W. R. Trafford), D.H. Moth (W. L. Runciman), Comper Swift (L. S. Snaith), Westland Widgeon III. (J. Wellworth). D.H. Moth ( ), D.H. Moth (A. B. Ferguson), Spartan (F1.-Lt. P. G. Gibbons), Avro Avian Mark IV. (S. A. Thorn), Desoutter I. (A. B. H. Youell),. Vickers Vellore (F/0. J. Summers), D.H. Moth (R. 0. I. 1VIuntz), Puss Moth (E. G. Hordern), D. H. Puss (J. W. P. Chalmers), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. (F1.-Lt. H. V. Rowley), Spartan ” Arrow ” (Ft.-Lt. J. R. Addams), D.H. Moth (Mrs. C. M. Young),

Robinson ” Redwing ” ( ), D.H. Moth (C. M. Pickthorn), D.H. Moth (Richard Ince), D.H. Moth (F1.-Lt. S. B. Allen), D.H. Moth (P. A. Wills), Avro Avian (Miss Winifred S. Brown), D.H. Moth (Capt. The Hon.

F. E. Guest), Hawker Tomtit ( ), D.H. Moth (John D. Irving), Avro Avian (F1.-Lt. T. B. Bruce). D.H. Moth (F1.-Lt. D. V. Carnegie), Desoutter I. (P. E. S. Sayer), Arrow ” Active ” (F1.-Lt. J. S. Chick), Hendy 302 (Capt. Edgar W. Percival), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. -(Harold John Andrews), Martlet (Miss

Winifred Spooner), D.H. Moth (Lieut. L, G. Richardson, R.N.), Westland Widgeon III. (R. G. Cazalet), Desoutter II. (C. B. Wilson), Avro Avian monoplane (T. N. Stack), Avro Trainer (J. L. N. Bennett Baggs), Avro V. (P1.-Lt. S. L. G. Pope), D.H. Moth (Captain R. S. Rattray), D.H. Moth (Sq.-Ldr. H. A. Whistler), D.H. Hawk Moth (F1.-Lt.E. H. Fielden), D.H. Moth (G. de Havilland, Jnr.), D.H. Moth (Mrs. A. S. Butler), D.H. Puss Moth (A. S. Butler).

D. H. Moth (Capt. R. Douglas), D.H. Puss Moth (Capt. G. de Havilland), D.H. Puss Moth (Lt.-Comm. Glen Kidston, R.N.), D.H. Moth (Albert A. Nathan), Avro Avian (Geoffrey Goodwin), Avro Avian (D. S. Green), Avro Avian monoplane (P. Tompkins), Avro Avian (J. C. Cantrill), D.H. Puss Moth (Miss D. C. Guest), D.H. Moth (Capt. I. C.

Maxwell), D.H. Moth (G. P. Fairbairn), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. (Sq.-Ldr. A. H. Orlebar), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. (Fl.-Lt. F. J. Fogarty), Avro Avian (14-Lt. John Oliver), D.H. Moth (A. C. M. Jackaman), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. (Sq.-Ldr. J. W. Woodhouse), D.H. Moth (H. N. S. Norman), ” Robin ” (A. G. Mortimer), Blackburn Bluebird Mark IV. (Lord M. A. Douglas Hamilton).