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DTAILE S have now been issued by the Club regarding the forthcoming 90-lap Relay Grand Prix race which is to take place at Brooklands on Saturday, the 25th of this month.

In this event any openIcar of under 1,500 c.c., which is capable of lapping at 55 m.p.h. is eligible to compete ; every car will be handicapped individually so that all teams will be on equal terms.


The results of the Bugatti Owners' Club hill climb which was held at the beginning of last month, at Chalfont Heights Estate, Chalfont St. Peter, are as follow :—


1,100 c.c.-1,500 c.c.-1, G. P. Powles (Bugatti), 32secs. ; 2, A. Esson Scott (Bugatti), 32.6 secs. Over 2,500 c.c.1, J. S. Steele (In.victa), 29.8 secs.

SPORTS CARS. Up to 850 c.c.-1, V. L. Seyd (Austin), 27.4 secs. ; 2, J. R. Temple (M.G. Midget), 31.6 secs. ; 3, H. C. Hamilton (M.G. Midget), 32.2 secs. 1,100 c.c.-1,500 c.c.—

1, C. Pettn1Hughes (Frazer-Nash), 30.2 secs. ; 2, J. A. M. Patrick (Wolseley Hornet Patrick Special) and J. G. P. Tim.m.ins (Riley), 31 secs. 1,500 c.c.2,500 c.c.-1, E. L. Giles (Bugatti), 25 secs. ; 2, Col. G. M. Giles (Bugatti), 26.4 secs. ; 3, L. G. 13achelier (Bugatti), 26.8 secs. Over 2,500 c.c.-1, E. L. Giles (Bugatti), 26.8 sees.; 2, 0. Bertram (Vauxhall), 27.8 sees.


Any capacity.-1, A. N. Spottiswood (Bugatti), 24.8 secs. ; 2, Col. G. M. Giles (Bugatti), 25.6 sees.; 3, J. R. Jeffress (Bugatti), 25.8 secs.


Bugatti Owners' Club Team II : J. R. Jeffress, A. N. Spottiswood and. D. G. Evans (1,996 c.c. Bugattis), average time 26.4 secs. Runners-up, Bugatti Owners' Club Team I: J. R. Jeffress, 0. N. Giles and L. G. Bachelier (2,261 c.c. Bugattis), average time 27.4 secs.


So great in popularity has the Wolseley Hornet become that two Wolseley Hornet clubs have now been inaugurated. One

of these is in the Midlands, and prospective members can obtain full particulars from Mr. M. A. McEvoy, of Leaper Street, Derby. The other Club has headquarters in London, the address in this case being : Mr. S. Hutchens, 19, York Avenue, East Sheen, S.W.


In order to avoid clashing with the M.C.C. High Speed Trial at Brooklands, the J.C.C. night trial has been altered from 26th September to the 29th September.

The trial organised by the South West Centre of the J.C.C. will take place on Saturday, 26th September. The start will be at a point between London and Southampton and the event will finish at Lynton, Devonshire.