Caracciola (Mercedes) Wins the Eifel Race .



Caracciola (Mercedes) Wins the Eifel Race.

THE Eifel Race, which was run On the Niirburg Ring on 7th June, over a total distance of forty laps of the circuit, or 312 kilometres, developed into a terrific Merced._s-Bugatti duel. The fastest cars of the two marques were those handled by Rudolf Caracciola and 17P11 Morgen respectively, and in the end the former got home first by little over 2 minutes. In spite of the bad weather, rain falling almost continuously, some high speeds were attained. Tie final result was as follows :

1. R. Caracciola (Mercedes) Betz), 2h. 50m. 47.2s. Average, 68.1 m.p.h.

2. von Morgen (Bugatti), 2h. 53m. 6.4s.

3. Braunschitsch (Mercedes-Benz).

4. Seibel (Bugatti).

5. Winter (Merceths-Benz).

6. Zigraud (Bugatti).

The Mountain Championship.

FASTEST time in the ZbraslavJiloviste hill climb held in CzeclioSlovakia on 31st May-, the second event counting for the Mountain Championship of Europe, was made by Rudolf Caracciola on his giant Mercedes, who

climbed in 2 minutes 42 7/10 seconds. Caracciola was running in the sports class, but succeeded in beating by onetenth of a second von Stuck, who this year is driving a Mercedes in the racing class of which he was champion in 1930. Third fastest time was made by von Morgen on a Bugatti in 2 minutes 46 8/10 seconds. The German event counting for the Mountain Championship was the Kessel

berg which was held on the 14th June. The event provided a surprise, for fastest time of the day was made by Juan Zanelli on one of the new Spanish _NacionalPescara machines, which climbed in 4 minutes 2/5 seconds. Von Morgen (Bugatti) was second with 4 minutes 2 3/5 seconds, and Caracciola (Mercedes) third with 4 minutes 3 seconds.

The Circuit of Lwow.

yET another race in a town was held on 7th June last over a circuit measuring 3 kilometres 041 in the town of Lwow, Poland. The race was divided into three classes, one for the new ” dominant type” cars, i.e. those of the model on which the manufacturer is concentrating, which had to cover 15 laps, or a total distance of 45 kilometres 615; the second for sports cars, which had to cover 25 laps, or 76 kms. ‘250 ; and the third for racing cars over 50 laps, or 152 kms. 500. A large crowd of spectators, estimated at 30,000, watched the race in spite of the rain, which caused several accidents, Hubert Sa.chsel, an Austrian driver, charging a tree and being rather badly injured, while two other cars driven by the German J ellen and the Pole, J. Ripper,. left the course. Von Stuck started in the ” dominant type” class, but was disqualified, and had to be content with winning the racing division. The final results were as follows :


1. Madame Kozmian (Austro-Daimler), 43 in, 36.7 s. Average, 40.0 rn.p.h.

2. Reim (Lancia), 43m. 39.4s. SPORTS CLASS.

1. Nadu (Bugatti), lh. 3m. 17s. Average, 45.1 m.p.h.

2. Bogucki (Bugatti), lh. 3m. 31s. 3, Widawski (Austro-Daimler), lh. 4m. 23s.


1. Von Stuck (Mercedes), 111. 56m. 46s. Average, 48.9 m.p.h.

2. Hardegg (Bugatti), lb. 58m. 56s.

3. Holug (Bugatti), 2h. 9m. 45s.