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A MILCAR Grand Sports, fabric body, splendid "` condition, 435.—Box 481, c/o MOTOR SPORT.


rok; ASTON-MARTIN 1926 2-seater of very .4-":/t, delightful and elegant appearance, and in beautiful order. Fitted with genuine cycle mudguards, pneumatic upholstery, dipping reflectors, etc. Can be brought to Loudon any evening.— P. W. Evans, The White House, Hildenborough, Near Tonbridge,


Q AUSTIN 7 Brooklands Special 2-seater,

uclk./ black, green wheels and green cycle-type wings, outside chromium-plated exhaust, Aero springs, numerous extras, genuine 75 m.p.h., exceptionally smart, perfect mechanical condition, E105.—Box 486, c/o MOTOR SPORT.

1() AUSTIN 7 h.p. Cup model, very carefully t-J-(-it-) used, /40.—Box 485, C/O MOTOR SPORT.


2-LITRE straight eight 13ugatti in splendid condition, first registered in 1929. Fitted excellent flat tailed close four-seater body, in blue, new racing type tonneau cover, red wheels, fitted with new 5.00-19 Dunlopa. 95.—Box H. M. 71., c/o MOTOR SPORT.


BUGATTI 2,300 Litre Supercharged Straight Eight -L-1 Sports 3/4 seater. Very fast, in splendid running condition. Taxed for year. £350. Many Spares. The Bellevue Garage & Service Stns,, Ltd., 18-19, Bellevue Road, Wandsworth Common,S,W. 17.

1 I litre Type 40 Bugatti. Special body with cut-L 2 away side. Engine just rebuilt and tuned, perfect condition throughout. Pull equipment Including Rev. Counter, Speedometer, Clock, Dash Lamp, Rene-Thomas flexible steering wheel. Black body with red wheels and undercarriage. A really fast and delightful sports car. Taxed, £135. F. J. Field, 125, Victoria Road, Kilburn, N.W.6.


DIATTO 1927 3-litre speed model sports, 4-seater body, F.W.B. Very low build, beautifully finished in black. Perfect condition throughout, 80 m.p.h. f,65.--Gatehouse Motors, 1, Hampstead Lane, Highgate Village, N.6. Mountview 4444.


11RAZER NASH cars, Falcon Works, London Rd. L Isleworth (Hounslow 3172) always have for disposal reconditioned and guaranteed cars, fitted with new tyres and F.W.B. Prices from £125. PRAZER-NASH Special 2-seater, 1927 specific-a

tion, long, low racing body, fitted wings, etc., large headlamps, pneumatic upholstery, whole car in very fine condition, very fast, with terrific acceleration, suitable for ordinary touring work or speed trials, bargain for £75. Box, H. 43, C/o MOTOR SPORT.


13 h.p. super sports 4-seater, registered

%-f 1924, reconditioned 1930, F.W.B., starter, 4 practically unworn tyres (2 spares), complete all-weather equipment, tonneau cover, extremely fast and attractive, sound throughout, taxed.-Box 488 c/o MOTOR SPORT.


E65.—Lagoncla 1926 2-litre semi sports tourer, excellent. —Box 474, e/o Moron Sroar. 1 .)3], Lagonda 2-litre Supercharged Sports 4

1.seater, exceptional condition ; £425.-Box 479, c/o Moron SPORT.

U15.-1929 2-litre sports Lagonda 4-door ' saloon, engine just rebored, beautifully kept.—Box 477, c/o Moroa. SPORT.

T AGONDA 2-litre speed model 1928. Just re-1-4 bored, completely overhauled. Full equipment and perfect order. Seen by appointment at R. R. Jackson, Brooklands Track. Apply Waddy Standon House, Nr. Stafford. (-1 AREFULLY Maintained 2-litre Supercharged

Lagonda 4-seater Tourer, delivered 1931, is offered at £450; the car is perfect throughout, has run a small mileage, one owner only, and passed for Lagonda guarantee.—Box 478, c/o MOTOR SPORT.


.C9 Lea-Francis 12-90 h.p. saloon,

supercharged Hyper sports, black and red, wire wheels, 4 doors, chromium, sloping windscreen, luggage trunk, sloping radiator, only had occasional usage, unseratehed, every accessory.— Box No. Y619, do MOTOR SPORT.


Pounds.—Lea-Francis 1927-28 10 h.p. special R-; sports 2-seater, concealed dickey, excellent tyres, morocco leather interior and bodywork excellent throughout, V screen, good hood and equipment, perfect mechanically, fast, unusually attractive.—

Box No. 13610 MOTOR SPORT.


.G. Midget Sportsman's Coupe Black, Green ; iv" Sliding Roof. New. slightly shop-soiled. Listed 2235, accept 2215. Eastern Garages Ltd, Chehnsford.


00 Pounds. SALMSON, 1930 grand sports

ti streamline 2-seater, latest low-built chassis, upholstery and bodywork almost unmarked, chromium fittings, V-screen, excellent tyres, innumerable extras and equipment, including clock, rev, counter, automatic wiper, Boyce meter, Triplex glass, etc., very small mileage, tip-top mechanically throughout: exchanges, terms. Nearly 200 others under 4100. BOX No. $.93, C/O MOTOR SPORT.

VADUM Co. Specialise in the Speedy and Econov mical 9.5 h.p. Salinson, 35-40 m.p.g., insurance from LI Os. 6d. service, spares, repairs. Open Saturdays.

60 Guineas.-1928i Grand Prix, underslung, ti dropped front axle, large F.W.B., low streamline body, twin o.h.c., really smart, taxed.

6,7 Guineas.---1928i Grand Prix Special, twin / o.h.c., 4 speeds, F.W.B., balloons, chromium, handsome Manx sports 3-seater body.

VADUM Co., 352, High Road, Willesden Green v N.W.10. Willesden 2469.


1932 S.S.1. Special 20 hp. engine. Registered May 1st. 600 miles only. Pawn and Black. Extras include : Luggage grid (detachable) on roof, direction indicators, coconut floor mats, etc. Owner buying full four seater. Any trial in any district. Skinner's Motors, 88/92, Walingate, York. 'Phone York 3103.

9n m.p.h. Stutz 37 h.p. 1930 series. Weyman 1-/ sports saloon, delivered 1929. Cost £1,400. Excellent condition. 4365 or offer.—Denmans. 132-3, Long Acre, W.C. Temple Bar 8135-6-7, Open week-ends.


(19 1 10-23 h.p. 4-seater tourer. New tyres, recenpy overhauled, re-bored and fitted with new pistons. Perfect mechanical condition. 1,20. Apply Box 4434, MOTOR SPORT.


WANTED. Bentley 1923 condition immaterial. A.C. 6 high lift camshaft. Crown wheels and pinions for almost all sports cars. Also genuine racing car not earlier than 1925, unlimited power. For sale. Quantities of parts of interest to reconstructors. Kirton, Honiton, Devon.

NNTANTED, super sports 2-seater, f.w.b.'s, beetle tail, differential; might consider less engine unit. Write only.-120, Marlborough Flats, Walton Street, S.W.3.


Q Vauxhall Sport 4-seater, F.W.B., Cycle type wings, rev, counter, air speed indicator, Jackall jacks, hosts of other accessories. Finished in black and red. Bargain : £45. Another, exceptionally good chassis, perfectly kept, finished Mountview 4444. in black and cream, £38.—Gatehouse Motors, I, Hampstead Lane, Highgate Village, N.6. Mount


,2 Special Vernon-Derby 6-cyl. Super Sports

1. a 2-seater, underslung, fitted with special high compression head, 4-speed close ratio gear box, twin Solex carburetters, lavishly equipped, including rev, counter, new hood, etc., fitted with magneto and coil ignition' new tyres, this car has just had a genuine overhaul, any trial, taxed ; £95, or exchange for M.G. Midget.—" Heatham House," Twickenham. Popesgrove 1163. -1990 VERN( )N 1)ERBY 6-cylinder special

underslung sports '2-seater, black and green, twin carburettors, dual ignition, 4 speed close ratio gear box, chassis recently overhauled throughout. Excellent tyres ; taxed. £110 or exchange.— Winbush, 5, Wetherby Mews, S.W.5. Flaxman 8859.

1928 Vernon Derby 9 h.p. two seater. Cellulosed Ivory and Red. Completely overhauled. Capable of 70 m.p.h. Guaranteed. Box 5.21, C/O MOTOR SPORT.


HORNET two seater special black-green semi

sports. Hood, Sidescreens, Commodions Boot, Pneumatic Upholstery Leather, Fine Condition. Nearest offer to 2100. View, Ripley Motor Works, Esher, Surrey. ABBEY A..S.1. sports 4-seater. Excellent condition throughout, capable of 70 m.p.h., a really smart car, looks as good as new. £145. Box J. 4930, c/o Moron SPORT, 39, Victoria Street, S.W.1

CHASSIS. chassis worth reconstnictIon from

INTERESTING chassis worth reconstnictIon from 220 to 250, including Lancia-Lambda, 3-litre Bentley, Vauxhall, Austro Daimler, etc. Kirton, Honiton, Devon.


1.4 RI ST OL CHERUB 2-cylinder aero engine. .11-1 Only 40 hours running. Very light, high efficiency, high revving unit, ideal for G.N. or similar chassis for hill climb work. £18. Box No. 11100. C/O MOTOR SPORT.