On May 9th, at Heath Row Aerodrome, the Royal Aeronautical Society held their annual :Garden Party, attended by almost everyone who is anyone in British Aviation. In spite of the very unfortunate weather Flt.-Lt. Chris Staniland gave an astounding display of aerobatics with the Fahey P4/34 light bomber, while R. G. J. Nash and R. 0. Shuttleworth, likewise not unknown in our world, flew early Bleriots. Now why cannot we have a motoring garden party ? We visualise a purely social gathering at which racing motorists would gather in ordinary attire and eat and drink and talk and generally enjoy themselves. Brooklands Aerodrome could surely spare a portion of its wide expanse for the purpose, and at Brook lands there would be ample room to park cars, and to parade interesting new models in much the same way in which the latest aeroplanes were ” presented ” at the Fairey aerodrome. There need be no races or competitive events, unless Austin Dobson felt included to _a duel with John Cobb, Rimotore Alfa against Napier-Railton, or if Dick Nash and Sam Clutton felt like emulating their epic exhibition given at the Crystal Palace. But some very excellent opportunities would present themselves for the display and demonstration of the very newest sports-cars.. Apart from which it would be most entertaining to see our

well known racing-men in flannels and lounge suits and Mrs. K. Petre, Mrs. ” Bill” Wisdom, Mrs. Bolster, Miss Joan Richmond, Mrs. Roy Eccles, Miss Eileen Ellison, and the other ladies in other than overalls. The proceeds might happily be handed to Weybridge cottage Hospital, which has done so Much for wounded speed-kings since Brooklands was built. And fashions would fatly satisfy the daily and society camera-men, if the creations seen at ordinary meetings, both male and. female adorning, are any criterion. We present the idea to whomever it may concern—which would seem to be the 13.R.1).C.—and await the receipt of

couple of free tickets . . .