MG v Lancia


In reply to your contributor “TwoPoint-Six,” however anxious he may be to “boost British,” the fact remains that the Lancia “Aprilia” would wipe the floor with the 11/2-litre MG.

The MG has a capacity of 1,546 cc, as against the 1,352 cc of the Lancia, an advantage of 194 cc. The Lancia has a maximum of 81-83 mph. It cruises at 70-72 with four adult passengers, with a top-gear ratio of 4 to 1. This high ratio is possible because the car weighs only 163/4 cwt. The MG would attempt to keep up on its top-gear ratio of 5.22, this low ratio being necessary because of its 22 cwt.

The roadholding and cornering of the Lancia is astoundhig, and is world renowned. Its bhp at 4,000 rpm is 46.

If facts will not convince “Two-Point-Six,” he will probably say that an Austin Twelve would keep up with its French equivalent, the Citroen, across France.

I am, Yours, etc,

EJ Kehoe,  Kingston Hill, Surrey.