MON OMAItli Service. Permanent London address. Letters redirected. Confidential. 5$. p.a. Royal patronage. Keytag 9d. Write Monomark, BM/MONO6V, W.C.1. " road springs, 23/19-in. wheels,

M••...1 • 425.; front axle, 30s.; Ashby spring wheel and Magna steering box, complete, 45z.; Bluemel spring wheel for Magna, 21s.; " J.11 " chassis, £9; "F chassis, £6. " J.11 " prop.-shaft, 30s. ; " J.11 " differential, 25s. Donald C. Pitt,. Rodborough Crest. Cottage, Rodborough Common, Stroud, Glos. MGMidget " P " 2-seater In process of re

• build, very potent motor fitted with normal or forced induction. Re-celhdosed black and aiuminium. Price £198 unblown ; £225 blown. Donald C. Pitt, Rodborough Crest Cottage, Rodborough Common, Stroud, Glos.

MARSHALL supercharger and accessories for Iva M.G. " P.B." Midget, complete with new pair belts and special S.U. carburetter. Donald C. Pitt, Rodborough Crest Cottage, Rodborough Common, Stroud, Glos. - 1930 Amilcar "Straight Bight" 20-h.p. open

four, blue, genuine 95 m.p.h. ; last used 1938. Chassis perfect. paintwork good. Requires gearbox. Ideal for enthusiast with workshop. 'Must soil; no accommodation. £55. Whiteley, 9, Albert Road, Ashford, Mddx. CIOLMORE Fraser-Nash for disposal. Chassis coin

pletely overhauled to tool room standards. All worn parts replaced. Numerous spares. Full particulars on application. White, 13, Green Lane, Birmingham 225..

A',TETTE 12-y., black, 20s. Smith compel ition stop clock, dual stop action, exceedingly accurate. IS. 31, Carlisle Road, N.W.6.

A UTOCAR, Jan., 1897 to Dec., 1901. In binders' '11 cloth (July-Dec., 1899, missing.) 7 vols., clean. £10 free. Box No. 181. MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C.1.

Q 100 3i-litre, 1938 competition 2-seater, 0.. finished in original gunmetal grey, leather upholstery to match, copperlsed head, exceptionally fast. Speedometer reathng 3,750. New condition. £750. Gl. Y., Kirkstall, Roundle Avenue, Felpharn, Sussex. 'Phone Middleton-on-Sea 389.

192Q 44-litre Invicta tourer, body rough, other7 wise needs little attention—fast, excellent. brakes, tyres fair. "Speedwell," Yelvertoit, nr. Rugby. 1929 4i-litre Bentley, fitted Harrison flexible

4-seater sports body, spotless condition, Le Mans engine No. KL 3590. 15/50 ratio axle, " D " type gearbox. Maintained by Bentleys. Mileage 47,000 (believe genuine). Dash fitted with petrol pump and gauge, clock, 8-in. revolution counter. water thermometer, ammeter, engine completely overhauled. Cleanest Bentley on the road. £550 cash. Richardson, 127, Salisbury Road, Moseley, Birmingham 13.

A!NIS. Large stock " 12/50 " S.E. spares, ineluding blower, always available. Raining, Ince Lane, Wimbolds-Trafford, nr. Chester.

FOR SALE—continued VERY fast unblown " Ulster " Austin Seven. All

• modifications done, including copperised head, improved brakes, lightened flywheel, high-volt coil, etc. New windscreen and battery. Full road equipment, hood and tonneau cover. Good tyres, 130 by 40. Low pressure at rear. Car still holds Class "U" lap record for Donington Mfg. Circuit. Owner regrets having to sell, but four into an " Ulster " won't. go. Prefer exchange for 8or 10-h.p. 4-seater in reasonable condition. Shattock, Ingleneuk, Moor Lane, Staines. TeL 3669.

1 1-litre supercharged Fraser-Nash sprint car /2 (formerly R. J. J. Nash's "Spook "). This car has been very little used, is in excellent, condition, and fitted with new tyres. Is now being carefully vetted for the recommencement of competition work. Price £290. Box No. 182, MMOR SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C.1.

CENTRIC supercharger blowing at approx. 5 to 6 lbs. complete with manifold, carburetter and all fittings for M.G. Magnette. Perfect condition. Price £30. Bo X No. 183, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C.1. QPEEDWAY Motors (1987) offer Arnott up to `--7 750-c.c., complete oil tank, carb., etc., £37 ios. Amott up to 1,500-c.c. blower 'mit only, £12 10s. ; the lot £45. Also many Fiat " 500 " spares, etc. Nursery Lane, Worthing. (S.A.E., please.) WA NTED

QPORTS CARS. T. & T. interested in purchase 1.7 of good sports cars. Thomson & Taylor (Brooklands) Ltd., Portsmouth Road, Cobham, Surrey. QUPERCHARGER, small Roots pattern T.T. 1-J Scott motor-cycle, engine or parts. Experimental purposes. Graham Kirk, Heathside Road,


WILL exchange Standard JO-h.p. De Luxe saloon, TV 1934, condition good, for 1929-38 " 12/60 " Alvis, li-fitre Litgonda, or Riley Nine, or Twelve sports saloon or open tourer. Cash adjustment either way. Box No. 180, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C.1.

URAZER-NASH or Bentley, condition Immaterial. Must he cheap, or would consider any continental sports car. Weir, Starkies, Hennel Lane, Lostock Hall, Preston.

WANTED, Alvis " 12/50 " engine, condition im, • • material. Must have hood and complete wiring. I/Lt. Archer, 605 Squadron, B.L.A.

WANTED urgently for 1928 T.T. Lea-FrancisV T 3.8 or 4.27 CTOW11 and pinion, or complete rear axle. Williams, 9, Park Road, Wallington, Surrey. IIVANTED, back numbers MOTOR SPORT, not 1944

• • or 1945,6 exchange for" Racing with MercedesBenz," " Motor Racing," "Full Throttle," "Dick Seaman," " Bits and Pieces," original copies. What offers ? or will pay cash. Box No. 184, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, London, E.C.1. WANTED Amilcar or Salinson G.F. 1926 to 1935

• • vintage. High price paid for sentimental value. Baudens, Thornbury House, Twyforci, Berks.