Something for Nothing

In connection with the Castrol company's Jubilee, referred to elsewhere, they have issued a very attractive free illustrated booklet of racing and record-breaking successes achieved down the years with the aid of Castrol oil. Great pains were taken by the compilers to obtain pictures of early racing cars so that the more outstanding of these Castrol achievements could be portrayed and help was sought from the motoring Press, A. S. Heal, Esq., the Grenville Publishing Company, Ltd., and other sources. The result is a worthwhile little publication which contains some photographs we have never seen before, such as those showing the 1911 record-breaking 11-h.p. Humber and W. O. Bentley's Brooklands D.F.P. in 1913 record-breaking trim. Those who would like a free copy of this pictorial history book can obtain one by using the coupon to be found in this issue of Motor Sport incorporated in the Castrol advertisement.