B.A.R.C. Goodwood Members' Meeting

Crook and Hawthorn Lead on Points for "Motor Sport" Brooklands Memorial Trophy

THE nine races for sports cars at Goodwood on June 16th provided much of interest, although entries were a bit depleted, due to the proximity of this meeting to the I.O.M. race and perhaps because the system of reserves who only run if a "vacancy" occurs has never been popular and some were not present, awaiting patiently an order to start. The wild driving which characterised the previous Members' Goodwood was not repeated.

5-Lap Scratch Race, Up to 1 1/2 litres, Non-s/c.

J. M. Hawthorn made no mistake about winning the 1 1/2-litre scratch race in his very effective ex-Gee T.T. Riley. Kingston's M.G. retired on the first lap, but, behind the Riley, Ruddock's H.R.G. and Croysdill's Lamgia had a fine duel, Ruddock being passed, but managing to head his rival in the last two laps.

1st : J. M. Hawthorn (Riley), won by 10.6 sec., at 75.39 m.p.h.
2nd : G. Ruddock (H.R.G.).
3rd : W. R. Croysdill (Lamgia).
Fastest lap : Hawthorn (Riley), 76.9 m.p.h.

5-Lap Scratch Race, 1,500-3,000 c.c., Non-s/c.

J. B. de Edwards forgot his spare wheel and his Healey Silverstone started late in consequence, and drew in. Tony Crook went so fast in his "Le Mans" Frazer-Nash that he lapped Whalen's Healey, which toured. In contrast, Walsh drove his Healey fast, raising the dust at Woodcote Corner, but to no avail; the race was a Frazer-Nash procession.

1st: T. A. D. Crook (Frazer-Nash),won by 8.6 sec., at 79.6 m.p.h.
2nd : R. F. Peacock (Frazer-Nash).
3rd : J. E. G. Fairman (Frazer-Nash).
Fastest lap : Crook (Frazer-Nash), 82.3 m.p.h.

5-Lap Scratch Race, Over 3,000 c.c., Non-s/c.

Gale in the Darracq led for two laps, hotly pursued by Craig's XK120 Jaguar. On lap three Craig passed Gale outside on Woodcote at what seemed an impossible speed. Indeed, in holding the resultant slide Craig shot across in front of Gale, who braked to avoid him. After this Gale was never able to repass. Annable held a double slide at Woodcote in his Allard, Pierpoint's Jaguar trailed its exhaust, and Baines was "tourist" this time, in an old Allard.

1st: J. B. Craig (Jaguar), won by 1.4 sec., at 78.77 m.p.h.
2nd : G. Gale (Darracq).
3rd : J. Goodhew (Lagonda).
Fastest lap :  Craig (Jaguar) and Gale (Darracq), tie. 81.5 m.p.h.

M.G. Handicap, 5 Laps

W. P. Jones, builder of excellent Alfa and Bugatti scale model cars, in his first "real" race, started from "limit" in a "J2" M.G., and was never challenged—yes, the car has broken its crank but the replacement held up o.k.! Davis came through the field from virtual scratch in the absence of the two Lester-M.G.s, to a skilful second place in the ex-Leonard car, and Lusty was clapped for holding a vast slither at Woodcote in his red "TD".

1st : W. P Jones ("J2"), 3 min 7 sec., won by 17.6 sec., at 58.35 m.p.h.
2nd : F. C. Davis (s/c. "NA"), 0 min. 12 sec:
3rd: D. J. Wheeler ("TC"), 1 min. 29 sec.
Fastest lap : Davis (s/c. "NA"), 76.2 m.p.h.

5-Lap Handicap (A)

This was rather a procession so far as the leaders were concerned, although Annable pipped Spiller for second place one lap from the end. Neither caught Edwards' Healey "Silverstone," but the finish was exceedingly thrilling. Margulies was also well up, cornering his "105" Talbot, which wears a Brooklands "can," with great abandon and pronounced understeer, its Dunlop and Goodyear front tyres taking the burden manfully.

1st: J. B. de Edwards (Healey), 1 min. 5 sec., won by 0.4 sec., at 73.44 m.p.h.
2nd : D. F. Annable (Allard), 0 min. 42 sec.
3rd : F. A. Spiller (Healey), 0 min. 57 sec.
Fastest lap: Craig (Jaguar), 81.05 m.p.h.

5-Lap Handicap (B)

Another of the early starters literally ran away here, Treen's latest Riley Nine catching Kehoe's "Brooklands" model. Chevell's imposing silver 4.3-litre Alvis came through to second place from scratch, but Charnock's new Alvis Speed Twenty retired.

1st : C. Treen (Riley), 1 min. 52 sec., won by 1 min. 6.4 sec., at 68.35 m.p.h.
2nd : B. Chevell (Alvis), scratch.
3rd : S. J. Lawrence (Bentley), 0 min. 47 see.
Fastest lap : Chevell (Alvis), 77.3 m.p.h.

5-Lap Handicap (C)

Again an early starter was the winner, "Mr. Persil" le Strange Metcalfe getting along so well in his tail-finned Fiat Balitia, of Brooklands memory, that he caught Miss Bode's "limit" 1,100-c.c. H.R.G. in the third lap. Quicke, driving well, passed Miss Bode, who was also conducting effectively, in his M.G., on lap four, and in the run-in Heath's blown M.G. Magnette just beat the girl to a place. Constable's M.G. howled its tyres and Dargue's rather Buckler-like M.G. retired, and Harewood's M.G. was sick.

1st : C. Ie S, Metcalfe (Fiat), 1 min. 37 sec., won by 10.2 sec., at 67.31 m.p.h.
2nd :  D. Quicke (M.G.), 1 min. 17 sec.
3rd : E. H. Heath (M.G.), 1 min. 17 sec.
Fastest lap : Davis (M.G.), 76.4 m.p.h.

5-Lap Handicap (D)

Tony Crook apparently thought he was in the nursery and released toy balloons while waiting to start. After which he did some motor-racing, lapping at 82.6 m.p.h. This brought him through the field, but he could not catch "Twink" Whincop, who was driving stylishly in his recently-assembled Bugatti, which he describes as. a "Type 57W" but which is mostly 57S, with four S.U. carburetters. His victory atoned for his wife finishing last in an earlier race in her Type 44. Jack Fairman, taking it easily, he said, because Manfield's "Mille Miglia" Frazer-Nash he eas driving was due off to Le Mans afterwards, was horrified to find he had shed a con.-rod and bits of balance-weight through the crankcase.

1st : A. C. Whincop (Bugatti), 1 min. 5 sec., won by 16.8 sec., at 73.27 m.p.h.
2nd : T. A. D. Crook (Frazer-Nash), scratch.
3rd : Lady Mary Grosvenor (Frazer-Nash), 1 min. 10 sec.
Fastest lap : Crook (Frazer-Nash), 82.6 m.p.h.

5-Lap Handicap (E)

Eleventh at the end of lap one, Hawthorn's Riley was eighth next time round, sixth on its third lap, third by lap four, and it caught Wilks' Marauder and Gilbert's H.R.G. on the final circuit, to win its second race of the day. Margulies gave another exhibition of fearless, high-speed cornering and took third place on the run-in.

1st : J. M. Hawthorn (Riley), 0 min. 30 sec. won by 3.4 sec., at. 77.47 m.p.h.
2nd : P. M. Willis (Marauder), 1 min. 37 sec.
3rd : D. Margulies (Talbot); 0 min. 40 sec.
Fastest lap : Hawthorn (Riley), 79.6 m.p.h,

As a result of this Meeting Crook and Hawthorn are leading for the Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial Trophy and £50 prize, with 13 points each. The other placings are : G. Gale. 10 points ; G. A. Ruddock and, F. C. Davies, 7 each ; J. R. Stoop and E. Winterbottom 6 each ; D. Margulies and J. B. de Edwards 5 each ; H. Kemp-Place, H. Lester, J. Lyons, A. C. Whincop, C. Treen, R. F. Peacock, J. H. Craig, W. P. Jones, H. J. Wilmshurst and C. le S. Metcalfe 4 each ; B. Chevell, J. I. Bremner, L. Gibbs, P. Tabor. L. Wood, J. E. G. Fairman, D. F. Annable, P. N. Wilks and D. Quicke 3 each ; W. R. Croysdill, S. R. Allard, W. P. U. Constable. R. W. Jacobs, D. Parker, Sir F. H. B. Samuelson, E. P. Scragg, S. J. Lawrence. Lady Mary Grosvenor, F. A. Spitler, J. Goodhew, D. J. Wheeler and E. R. Heath 2 each ; J. C. G. Gilbert, E. W. Cuff-Miller, S. E. Radbourne, M. J. C. Keen, H. A. Michell, G. M. Crozier, Miss Bode, J. H. Bailey, P. Bucknall, E. W. Bolt, K. McAlpine and W. H. Murray 1 each. The contest Will be decided at the flnal B.A.R.C. Members' Goodwood Meeting on August 18th.