R.A.F. M.C. ?

We have received this letter which is self-explanatory:—


I have been permitted by the Air Ministry to form a committee to consider and submit proposals for the formation of a motoring association within the Royal Air Force.

Before official recognition and support can be given to the project it is necessary to show the amount of support which would be forthcoming from prospective members and I am naturally anxious for it to be known what is afoot.

It is proposed that serving members of the R.A.F., W.R.A.F., and the Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service should be eligible for membership. The aims of the association will be to enable those who are interested in motor cars and motoring to meet and to hold competitions and rallies. Its character shall be social and sporting.

I would he most grateful if you could find space to mention this fact in your columns suggesting at the same time that all those who are interested should write to me at the following address for further information : Royal Naval Tactical School, Woolwich, London, S.E.18.

The committee consists of W.-Cdr. F. Aikens, W.-Cdr. J. Pelly Fry, W.-Cdr. T. Fazan, Squ.-Ldr. J. Crampton and myself.

We met at the R.A.C. on May 24th and the R.A.C. has agreed to help us and has offered us the full benefits of associate membership at a very favourable cost.

I am, Yours, etc.,