No orchids for an editor !


We feel that your "Hopped up ST 90's" give the Rootes Group little credit for the invaluable assistance they have given us in making increased performance available to the Sunbeam-Talbot owner.

We are indebted to Sunbeam-Talbot Limited, who have had vast experience of preparing cars for competitions, for making much of their data available to us. The modifications outlined in our brochure are based upon data obtained by the works, as a result of much painstaking experimental and development work.

As Sunbeam-Talbot distributors we are authorised by the Company to carry out these modifications on customer's cars.

We shall be grateful if you will publish a suitable amendment at the earliest possible moment.

I am, Yours, etc.,

BT Pritchard Lovell, for George Hartwell Ltd. Bournemouth.

[The work of the Rootes Group was not mentioned in the hand-out sent to us—Ed.]