Club News, July 1955

S.T.D. Register
The Sunbeam S.T.D. Register held a successful Talbot Rally at Seaford on May 29th, organised by Mr. R. Bilby, which was attended by the Talbot designer Georges Roesch. After a picnic lunch on the downs the cars were driven to a roped-off enclosure by the Martello Tower, where a Concours d’Elegance was judged by Commander Jack of the Seaford Town Council and W. Boddy, Editor of Motor Sport. At the same time the Hon. Registrar, Mrs. W. Boddy, conducted a Quiz/Car Condition Competition. The results were as follows: —

Best Talbot up to Model 75: H. A. Ward (1934 65 saloon), 82 marks.
Runner-up: K. C. Langley (1934 75 saloon), 81 marks.
Best Talbot, Models 90-110: T. J. Mockridge (1937 105 saloon), 96 marks.
Runner-up: A. H. Perriman (1937 110 saloon), 94 marks.
Quiz/Car Condition: C. C. Bowker (1925 10/23 Talbot).
Old-Talbot Prize: C. S. Burney (1924 10/23).
Best Sunbeam or Darracq s: I. MacInnes (1933 Sunbeam Speed Twenty d.h.c.).

The next event is the Wolverhampton Week-end, on July 2nd/3rd, which will include rally, treasure hunt and buffet-social on the Saturday and a parade and Concours d’Elegance at West Park, Wolverhampton on the Sunday. Many Sunbeam celebrities and fifty ex-Sunbeam employees have been invited to the buffet-social, which the Express and Star is sponsoring, and His Worship the Mayor of Wolverhampton, himself an ex-Sunbeam employee, has agreed to attend. Register headquarters will be the Crown Hotel, Albrighton.

Healey Drivers’ Club
A meeting was held at the R.A.C. on June 3rd and the above-named club was inaugurated and temporary officers elected. For further information and entry forms please contact P. J. D. Langrishe, 1, Oakwood Avenue, Beckenham, Kent.

Volkswagen Owners’ Club
At the A.G.M. at the “Clarendon” on May 5th the Editor of Motor Sport was elected an honorary member of the club and he attended the next fixture on June 10th.

Hon. Sec.: R. D. Woolf, 40, Send Close, Send Road, Send, Surrey.

A social gathering was held on the evening of June 10th at the “Marquis of Granby,” Esher. After the homeward-bound traffic streams caused by the rail strike had abated a simple but entertaining observation run was held, the winner receiving a chromium-plated exhaust-pipe extension and other successful competitors VW key-rings.

A S.E. Kent section of the club has been formed, with headquarters in Folkestone. Those interested are asked to contact Mr. Blundell, C. L. & H. L. Blundell Ltd., Christchurch Road, Folkestone.

The Vintage Sports Car Club will celebrate its 21st birthday with a big rally of vintage and Edwardian cars at Goodwood on September 10th. Before this there is the Edwardian and Light Car Trial at Cheltenham on August 20th, followed by the Prescott Speed Hill-Climb on August 21st, and the Madresfield Rally on September 4th.

The Light Car Section now meets on the second Thursday evening each month at the Chequers Hotel, Eversley Cross, near Reading, under the tutelage of genial John Wrigley. On June 9th the assembly consisted of Wrigley’s 1924 8/18 Talbot two-seater, David Small’s bright yellow 1927 Jowett Chummy, which brought W. Boddy, Chairman of the Light Car Section, a 9/20 Humber tourer and a Bayliss-Thomas sports model of 1925, with the authentic tail having its pointed edge in the transverse plane.

Secretary: T. W. Carson, Brook Cottage, Bishop’s Green, near Newbury, Berkshire.

VW’s’ Sweeping Success in Limerick M.C. Rally

Out of an entry of 75, Volkswagen drivers had convincing successes in the recent Circuit of Munster Rally. S. Logan’s VW won the event outright and these cars finished 1, 2, 3 in the class for saloons up to 1,300 c.c. and took the Team Award.

Nil Doretti
Production of the Swallow Doretti sports car ceased last February.

A Multi-Grade Oil at Standard Price
C. C. Wakefield & Company, Ltd., reveal that Castrolite, although selling at standard price, has, for some time, been an oil of multigrade type. The range covered is SAE.20W, 20, 30.

In 1938 Castrol pioneered the trend towards lighter oils for easy starting, rapid circulation and lower petrol consumption. More recently, this trend has been accelerated, aided by an additive known as a “viscosity index improver.” This additive has the effect of reducing the rate at which an oil thins out with rise in temperature. The advantage conferred is that a thin oil, ideal for starting under very severe winter conditions and for rapid circulation during the vital warming-up period, can now remain a safe and economical lubricant at all engine working temperatures.

A steady process of development, extending over a considerable period and having particular regard to the special needs of British motorists, has resulted in the new multi-grade Castrolite. This oil, it is stated, may be used to advantage in any car in good mechanical condition where oil consumption is not a problem. By covering the viscosity range SAE.20W, 20, 30, it is thin enough when cold to meet any climatic extreme occurring in the United Kingdom and thick enough when hot to give “Castrol XL” protection.

Wakefields expect that most motorists will continue to rely on Castrol XL but some will choose Castrolite either from personal preference for a lighter oil or because this grade is recommended by the makers of their cars.

In common with the other grades in the Castrol range, Castrolite is fortified with patent exclusive additives giving protection against oxidation and corrosive wear. Because, say the makers, these additives, including the viscosity index improver mentioned earlier, are correctly proportioned to one another and to the base oils, Castrolite is a “balanced” lubricant which does not go to extremes in any of its characteristics.