The 13th Scottish Rally (May 30th-June 2nd)

Production Touring Cars up to 1,000 c.c.: P. S. Hughes, (D.K.W. Sonderklassej
1,000-1,600 c.c.: T. J. McGee (Fiat 1,100)
1,600-2400 c.c.: R. Crawford (Riley 2 1/2)
Over 2,600 c.c..: R. W. Woolaway (Austin Westminster)

Touring Production Cars and Special Series Production Cars up to 1,300 c.c.: B. W. Fursdon (Renault 750)
1,300-2,600 c.c.: R. K. N. Clarkson (Morgan, TR2 engine)
Over 2,600 c.c.: W. L. Sleigh. Jnr. (Jaguar XK 140)

Production Sports Cars up to 1,600 c.c.: N. L. Paterson (M.G. TF 1,500)
Over 1,600 c.c.: T. F. Fisher (Triumph TR2)

Team Prize: M.G. Team of TF 1,500s: N. L. Paterson, E. R. Herrald. R. Kay.