When Graham Hill came running into the pits on lap 22 we thought for a moment that he had the Lotus single-seater under his arm ! With the large and heavy Graham in a Lotus and “pea-sized ” Lewis-Evans in a Vanwall we wonder if it is not time for British Grand Prix car constructors to think about driver-designs.

The Dutch Grand Prix was a nice tidy race on a nice safe circuit and to help with the neatness of the event certain drivers placed their cars in the results according to their race numbers. Vanwall number one was first, Ferrari number five was fifth, Cooper number eight was eighth and Cooper number nine was ninth. It was obvious that the time-keepers were out of practice in dealing with Grand Prix cars for training times were often a little suspect, just as they had been at Monaco, which suggests that perhaps the time has come for a reform in timing methods.

Without Hawthorn the Scuderia Ferrari would be in a very sorry state.

It is difficult to deride which is the most gratifying, to start three cars and have only one finish, but in first place, or start two cars and finish second and third.