5% to 15% more




Under R.A.C. surveillance fuel consumption tests have been carried out with different types of vehicles from small

cars to large coaches and lorries. In every case the tests have shown an

improvement in miles per gallon with Michelin ‘X’ ranging from 5% to 15%. Here are a few Date of trial Type of vehicle tested Distance covered by with equal amounts —on ordinary tyres test vehicles of fuel —on ‘X’ tyres Extra distance covered on ‘X’ tyres Feb. 1961 5-ton lorry (flat) Diesel engine

271.0 miles. 313.1 miles 42.1 miles Mar. 1961 997cc. Saloon car 398.0

431.6 . 33.6 „ Mar. 1961 41-seater coach Diesel engine 291.1

322.9 ..

31.8 ,. Mar. 1961 1489 litre Saloon car 336.8 363.0 „ 26.2 „ April 1961 1-ton Delivery van (petrol) 326.6 344.6 „ 18.0 „ April 1961 4-axle 12-wheeler 24-ton gross

221.4 .

248.6 . 27.2 „ You get twice the comfort, twice the grip, twice the mileage and you save fuel with Michelin 4X’ tyres

For further details please write to “Fuel Saving” Michelin Tyre Co. Ltd., 81 Fulham Road, London S.W.3.

The fuel saving with Michelin ‘X tyres is due to unique manufacturing quality and to their special construction which reduces rolling resistance. Radial casing cords (A) flex more easily, a braced tread (8) prevents tread distortion.