Naples G.P. (May 20th)

Formula One-60 Laps-150 Kilometres

Taking place on the same day as the Dutch G.P., the race at Naples was an outing for private owners with Formula One cars, all the factories being busy in Holland. All that is except Ferrari who deployed two cars from his large racing department for Mairesse and Bandini to race on the Possillippo circuit. Only 10 cars were permitted in the race, but 24 turned up to qualify and as the fastest three Italian entries were in irrespective of practice position it meant seven places to be battled for by the remainder. Naturally the two works Ferraris dominated the race and after leading for a long while Bandini overdid a corner and Mairesse was quickly by and away to win. Keith Greene in the Gilby-Climax 4-cylinder drove a good race to stave off Abate in the S.S.S. Venezia Porsche usually raced by Bonnier.

1st: W. Mairesse (Ferrari 65-V6) – 1 hr. 19 min. 36.1 sec – 113.160 k.p.h.
2nd L. Bandini (Ferrari 65-V6) – 1 hr. 19 min. 39.4 sec.
3rd K. Greene (Gilby-Climax 4) – 1 lap behind
Fastest lap; L. Bandini and W.Mairesse (Ferrari), equal in 1 min. 18.1 sec – 115.486 k.p.h.

Indianapolis 500-Mile race (May 30th)

Of the 33 cars that qualified for this year’s 500-Mile Race there was one that did not conform to normal Indianapolis design. This was the Harvey Aluminium Special driven by Dan Gurney, who had qualified at 147 m.p.h. for the third row of the grid, compared with the 150-m.p.h. speed of Pamelli Jones, the fastest qualifier. The King-Dragster Mickey Thompson caused three Harvey cars to be entered, designed and built by Thompson Enterprises and financed by the Harvey Aluminium Company. Based on Cooper/Lotus Grand Prix lines with independent suspension all round, a tubular space-frame, and rear engine mounting, they were powered by specially enlarged and tuned Buick V8 engines. Gurney was the only one to qualify of the three entered.

In the race Gurney could not challenge the real Indianapolis champions, but was well placed among the general run of things until the final-drive gave out. The race itself ran true to form with the famous Indianapolis drivers in 4.2-litre Offenhauser powered cars battling wheel-to-wheel for the lead, with fantastic pit stops in which three wheels would be changed and the car refuelled in well under 30 seconds. The winner was Roger Ward at a new record speed of 140.292 m.p.h. for the 500 miles, and his Indianapolis history is interesting as he finished first in 1959, second in 1960, third in 1961 and now first again in 1962. Ward it will be recalled is the man who took a speedway midget car to an S.C.C.A. race and ran rings round such machinery as 250F Maserati, sports Ferraris and sports Aston Martins. Designer A. J. Watson built the first and second cars to finish this year.

1st: R. Ward (Leader Card Roadster) – 225.774 k.p.h
2nd: L. Sutton (Leader Card Roadster).
3rd: E. Sachs (Dean Autolite Special)
33 starters 15 finishers