Miniatures news

Lesney's June "Matchbox" models were a 120 : 1-scale London Routemaster 'bus with stairway, B.P. transfers, etc. (No. 5, 2s.), and a Pontiac Grand Prix sports coupé with tow, hook, opening doors, windows, central console, etc., 72 to 1 scale, at at the same modest price (No. 22). Spot-On have issued a very fine big-scale Tri-ang Model of a l.w.b. Land-Rover with trailer, having a detachable canopy and hinged trailer tail-gate (No. 308).—W. B.

Robert Daley does for motor racing, in his much-publicised and admittedly magnificently-illustrated "The Cruel Sport," what Hemmingway did for bull-fighting in "Death in the Afternoon," but the presentation will no doubt be too lurid and in places too exaggerated for our more discerning readers. Published by Studio Vista Ltd. at 63s., glossy paper would be a help to the many full-page pictures.