A Rare Sports Car

I have recently purchased a 1928 Bond made by Messrs. F.W. Bond & Co., of Brighouse, Yorkshire. The registration number is YW 9887 and this is the actual car pictured in "The Vintage Spots Car Pocket Book." The car is a 2-seater sports powered by a 4ED Meadows engine with provision for a supercharger which has been removed. I am at present attempting to ascertain the history of this car, and indeed the history of F.W. Bond & Co., and I wonder whether you or any of your readers can supply any information. The body on my car would appear to be non-original, at least at the rear, and if there are any photographs or drawings in existence I would be most grateful to have a sight of these. The Brighouse Public Library have gone to a great deal of trouble and have supplied some information, mainly about the constitution of the company, and they have informed me that the cars were sponsored and in fact run at Brooklands. [Not to my knowledge, unless in minor Club events,—Ed.]

Rochdale. R.J. Proctor.