Renault Remarks

D. Copley's 1899 car is believed to be the oldest Renault. It has a De Dion engine, as had the cars of Mr. and Mrs, Fotheringham-Parker, Renault not making engines until 1903. Welan's 14/20 had a Hollick body, Victor Bridgen's 20/30 body by J.A. Lawson of Liverpool, Atkinson's type AX a Smells body. A cracked cylinder on Taylor's 20/30 was repaired just in time for the Rallye. Skerman's AX. found derelict in 1952, is the prototype of the Lesney miniature. Hugh Cleland, who entered an AN. has the first Renault agency, H. & D. Cleland of Edinburgh, to be appointed outside France dating from 1901. The 8.3s were the first Renaults to have detachable heads-W.B.