Lotus are O.K.

Some months ago you published my letter complaining bitterly about the failure of Lotus to give even a reasonable service. It gives me much pleasure now to praise their Racing Division for the excellent service afforded to me recently.

Some weeks ago I was competing in a local club event in a competition Lotus Elan: one of the Rotoflex "doughnuts" sheared, and the drive shaft lashed around tearing out the rear suspension and damaging various other parts in the vicinity.

I rang Malcolm Templeton, my local agent, on Monday giving him full details of the parts required: I subsequently rang Lotus just to make sure things were moving, and to my pleasant surprise all the parts were flown to Ireland on Thursday, making it possible for me to race in the next meeting. That is good service in my opinion, especially for non-standard components.

Belfast. Roger Corry, Irish Racing Partnership.