A dose of his own medicine

The West Sussex Gazette reports that retired solicitor B. P. Vincent Elsden, of Sea Lane, Rustington, who became known as the motorist who fixed a camera to his car for the purpose of photographing other driver's alleged misdemeanours, was himself convicted of Careless driving by causing a collision between his car and another at the junction of North Lane and the Worthing Road. He was fined £15.

First aid

It is sensible to carry a first-aid kit in the car. Johnson & Johnson of Slough make a useful First-Aid Autokit in compact form which retails for 17s. 6d. They are prepared to offer these in quantity to interested organisations, in tins printed in individual lettering, at a reduced price.

Gleaning the car

Those who clean their own cars, which must mean some 90%, of car owners these days, will find the Perfex cleaning cloths made by Johnson & Johnson (Gt. Britain) Ltd., Slough, Bucks, very handy. A plastic pack containing three cloths, yellow, pink and green, costs 2s. 11d., and they can be used wet or dry and for household as well as motoring applications.

A very durable leather for final wiping down after the car has been washed is the Deco Synthetic chamois leather cloth made by Chas. Hanson & Son, Ltd., Spring Bank Works, Brighouse, Yorks. It comes in a 22 in. x 18 in. giant size, is not affected by detergents, and cans be left wet or dry without harm. It is claimed that the harder or more harshly it is used, the better it becomes.

The things they say…

"A young racing driver, crouching over the wheel of his car, may chew off the paint in the process." – Which? reporting on children's pedal cars in its June issue.

"The workmanship and most of the hardware in this, the most costly Ford of all, are miserably below the standards of the meanest Falcon." – By-line in Car and Driver's road-test report on the Ford Mark III.

The Daily Express of June 14th carried a picture of a Police Ford Anglia driven by a 22-year-old policeman which swerved to avoid a pedestrian on a zebra crossing in Ashton, rolled over three times, and caught fire. We wonder what the police would say if this happened to you in a speed-limit area? And we wonder why the Anglia caught fire alter rolling, as Peter Procter's did when racing at Silverstone?