Triumph's incredible new GT6



Triumph’s incredible new GT6


The power bulge on the bonnet of the GT6 is not there for show. It makes room for a big, 1998 cc. 6-cylinder engine. Standing quarter mile time for this race-bred beauty is just over 17 seconds. The GT6 develops a smooth 95 BHP. It can reach 46 in 7 seconds in first. Do an easy 96 in third. A vivid 0-50 in 7.8. And top gear times—like 40-60 ill 7.5—cut overtaking time so dramatically that GT6 motoring is not only one of the most exhilarating ways to travel, but one of the safest.

Built-in safety to match its power The

The GT6, cruising at 70, is a safer car than many of today’s family saloons at 30. Itpirerits its low, sleek shape from the fastback Spitfires that took first and second places in their

class at Le Mans. The same all-independent suspension gives the GT6 race-proved stability and road holding.

It has the same strong, double-backbone steel girder chassis. The same big front-wheel disc brakes. It has also inherited some other safety features. Like rack and pinion steering with adjustable and collapsible steering column ; burst-proof door locks; a forward hinged bonnet that cannot fly up while the car is moving ; and a 25′ turning circle that makes the GT6 more safely manoeuvrable than any other make of sports car on the road.

Grand touring comfort for two

Under the bonnet the GT6 is all guts. Inside it is all comfort. A grand tourer, with deep pile carpeting, adjustable seats that are soft to sink into, tall to support you, shaped to hold you firm on corners. There’s a centre arm rest, too, which neatly houses

the ‘Fly-Off’ hand brake. A racy leather-covered steering wheel, and a short, cranked gear lever. Under the facia (with padded cowl, of course), a deep parcel shelf holds your odds and ends, and in the back is luggage space enough to let you travel a long way from home.

For C1024.6.1 the GT6 is a lot of car for the money. Its nearest 6-cylinder rival would cost you nearly £150 extra—and you still wouldn’t get all the advantages of the GT6. Visit your Triumph Dealer and arrange a test run.

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