Oulton Odd-Spots

Newcomers included Taylor’s smart 1934 British Salmson with neat home-built rounded-tail two-seater body and Rogers’ quite standard 1929 Chrysler 77 two-seater, on India Super tyres and Michigan number plates. Arnold-Forster’s Deluge 11, with its new aluminium body and faired rear dumb-irons, went very well and so did Giles’ GN/HRD. Barry Clark had a 200 Mile Race-like GN-Powered-by-Ford, in fact with a 3.2-litre Model-A engine out of a truck but powerful enough to shear the back axle on the starting-line. Hill’s Alvis likewise snapped a 1/2-shaft but this was much more quickly rectified. Walker’s well-used 12/70 Alvis had two carburetters and a 7 3/4 to 1 c.r. T. G. Moore came from the IOM to spectate. On the way home my BMW overtook a Varley Woods tourer proceeding at a stately 30 m.p.h.—it was that sort of day! — W. B.