Let Romulus Rest


As one of the greatest admirers of the "White Mouse" stable I was most upset to read that "Romulus" is being raced once again.

This unique; one-driver (until a few weeks ago) car should, I feel, be allowed to rest on its many laurels, as it indeed has for the past 30 years, and not be dragged out again for a "Club" meeting. Surely there are enough E.R.A.s still racing to let us know what they look and sound like, so please let "Romulus" return to retirement in its original and undamaged condition. If, however, Miss Chakrabougre is so keen for it to be raced perhaps she could persuade "Bira" to return to drive it....

Your article on the racing days of PowysLybbe was excellent but surely the BRDC "500" was kilometres in 1937.

Finally may I say that I am strongly opposed to any replicas of historic cars. All too often have I been thrilled to see what appeared to be a genuine historic car that had been missing for years, only to find that it had been fabricated out of sonic production machine Without any history whatsoever and now masquerading as the genuine article. What possible satisfaction can the constructors and/ or owners get from these bogus vehicles? I am surprised at your enthusiasm for them.