Computer confusion


I've no doubt that your May editorial concerning "Computer Confusion" has spurred many an owner of pre-war motor-cars into putting pen to paper expressing their frustrations whilst attempting to get their cars correctly documented. We first tangled with DVLC when our Austin Seven four-seater tourer was rgistered as an Austin Seven 2-axle-rigid-body Saloon Convertible. Our first letters fell on stony ground because they re-registered it as an Austin Seven Coupe then it became an Austin Seven Cabriolet and finally after a rather blunt letter it came back correctly documented and with an apologetic letter from DVI.C. All was well we thought until we received a registration document for another of our cars, a 1939 Morgan, describing it as a Morgan two-axlerigid-body "Taxi".

If it wasn't such a tragic waste of money these goings on might almost be described as comic.