Regarding Mr. G. I. Biggs’ letter (May Motor Sport), surely the reason we drive on the right stems from the time we rode horses and approached other riders right to right leaving our sword arms free, just in case; probably why modern boy racers talk of a carve up? Also probably why there aren’t so many left-handers around today.

Talking of left and right why should MGs have I.h. threads on right-hand knock-off wheel nuts, while Lotus have r.h. threads on r.h. side?

Surely the splines prevent any torque being transmitted to the nuts. Further, even if there were no splines, while the torque from the rear axle driving the wheel would tend to tighten the nut, in the case of the front wheel where the road is driving the wheel which in turn drives the axle, this would tend to undo a I.h. thread?

Port Erin, IoM K. BEARPARK