Stiffer MoT


I am most concerned, and look to your magazine for assistance, my problem is centred around MoT tests.

As the daily user of a 1932 Ford Model B upon which my family and I rely for transport, I am worried at the rumours I hear of the plans for changes in the moT test requirements for 1979.

Whilst endeavouring to keep my car up to scratch, certain things, and in my case it is the brakes, will never perform as well as a modern car, and for there to be a flat test for all cars strikes me as very unfair.

What I am suggesting is that your magazine publishes in some detail the proposals for these new tests so that the numerous users of old cars can see the horrors in store for them and perhaps club together with a view to petitioning the Minister whose baby this is.

I might add a comment, from published figures for 1977 for the counties of Avon and Somerset: only 2% of all the road accidents recorded were caused by vehicle faults. The other causes were almost exclusively driver error. I wish the Government would pour the finance from MoT testing into driver instruction.

Westbury-on-Trym PAUL WHEATCROFT