Salmson v. Amilcar


After perusing your splendid article in the May number, the sentence: "Nothing more was heard for some time ..." started a train of thoughts. In a bound volume of an old and long deceased Dutch weekly Auto-Leven No. 27 of 7/7/26 the tedious French GP at Miramas Autodrome was covered. The supporting races for 1,100, 750 and 500 c.c. ears saved the day. In this event three 6-cylinder supercharged Amilcars competed against four Salmsons, two BNC and a Dufour-Giraud. Although at the beginning of the race the Amilcars took the lead, the whole team disappeared, owing to valve spring trouble. Duray's car caught fire twice, without injuries to the driver. After 254 km. the finishing order was as follows: 1st, Casse (Salmson); 2nd, Gendrot (Salmson); 3rd. Gubernatis (BNC); 4th, Rousseau (Salmson); 5th, de Joncy (BNC); 6th, Dufour (Dufour-Giraud); 7th, Victor (Salmson).

To be safe on all sides I checked this result by reading "Great Racing Marques No. VI Salmson" by Kent Karslake in Motor Sport, August 1927. The same finishing order of the Salmson cars is given. As an old Salmon enthusiast I feel obliged to report this Amilcar defeat!

Bloemendaal J. C. K. Alte