A Model Lancia Lambda

Some time ago I referred to the beautifully made, finished, and detailed TOGI of Italy's model - it is to 1:23 scale and too large to be termed a miniature - of the 1750 Zagato Alfa Romeo. Now another of these fine models is available, to the same scale, and the equal of the splendid Alfa model in every way. It is of a 7th-Series Lancia Lambda torpedo, which you can have either with hood up or hood folded. This fabric hood is one of the few components which does not work - believe it or not, the four doors have the correct external hinges so that they can be opened and closed, and, what is more, are secured with the tiniest, but robust, sliding internal catches, as on the real car. After that it is hardly necessary to say that the bonnet sides hinge up to reveal a miniature Lambda engine with the correct valve-cover (which, by a coincidence, is referred to in V-E-V elsewhere in this issue), rear-mounted carburetter, cooling fan, sump etc. The overall effect could not be better - a correctly modelled Lancia Lambda, with its three-piece windscreen, tool-boxes buried in the front mudguards, rear-mounted spare wheel, steering gear, telescopic front suspension, 1/2-elliptic back springs, large brake drums, etc., the whole character of this notable motor car captured admirably. The glossy paint job is of a very high standard and details include even the locks on the tool-boxes, a "motometer" with bar on the radiator filler-cap, centre-lock wire wheels with the complete complex of spokes, shod with detachable rubber tyres inscribed "Pirelli 5.00 x 28" and having the correct tread pattern, ignition control lever on the steering-wheel boss, gear lever, instruments, bonnet fasteners, hinges on the typical Lambda luggage boot, fuel-filler, number plates and so on.

I cannot praise this 7 1/2" long TOGI model too highly. It is a refreshing change from so much of the trash offered nowadays in this field, and the price is modest by this criterion - £25.85, or if bought as a metal kit, £13.75, or £20.65 if the kit parts are ready painted, the hood being 10p extra in the latter case. Substantial dust-proof cases are available for these TOGI models. These (and almost every other conceivable model and kit) are obtainable from Wheels, the Totnes Motor Museum Model Shop, of 96, High Street, Totnes, Devon (Totnes 863907 — Telex 42906 Wheels) which is presided over by Trisha Pilkington, well known in VSCC circles for her capable handling of her husband's Alfa Romeo in vintage speed events. — W.B.