Alfa Romeo 2600 Register

Alfa Romeo 2600 Register


I have recently been persuaded by a small nucleus of Alfa Romeo 2600 owners within the Alfa Romeo Owners Club to organise a 2600 Register.

I am hoping to trace all extant specimens of this currently “unrated” classic as, in my opinion, it is one of the finest high performance cars of its era and very desirable to a true sporting motorist.

I hope eventually to have a complete register of ownership and whereabouts, all scources of parts and a central supply of the latter, and also renovate the odd one and even race.

I am ,of course, in touch with owners in the AROC but wish to contact them as to whether or not they are interested. There will be no obligation to join, although this would be desirable.

I would be most appreciated of any help you could give me through Motor Sport, which I have been reading for more years than I care to remember !

Roger ? Stourport-on Severn

[Letters will be forwarded. -Ed]