A model GP Vanwall

Grand Prix Models of 173/175 Watling Street, Radlett, Herts have recently announced a very fine 1/43-scale model of the GP Vanwall, which admirably portrays the cars which Tony Vandervell combated the might of European opposition in the F1 field, and with Stirling Moss accomplished such memorable feats. Not only does the model of the 1958 World Championship of Makes-winning car faithfully capture the lines of the original, hightail, narrow radiator cowl, purposeful exhaust, etc, but it is painted in some of the actual green paint used on the real Vanwalls, in the case that is of GP Models’ “studio”-built examples, which are made in limited numbers, perhaps only 50 to a high standard, with certificate of authenticity. In this form, mounted on a plinth, the price is  30. The Vanwall is also available in metal kit-form, as Classic Car Kit No 88, at a price of  6.45, complete with building instructions, decals and a history by Nathan Beehl.

  Grand Prix Models has reminded me of two more excellant racing carsin the ORO series of miniatures from Brumm, the company mentioned in the May issue, namely, “Old No 16” 1906 Locomobile, with its great brass cylindrical petrol tank behind the bucket seats and its drilled outside control levers, No 6 in this Corsa line, and 1909 racing Benz, No 19 in the series, described as one of the 200-hp Blitzen cars, with chain-drive, those four vertical drop exhaust pipes, and an unstreamlined body with twin spare tyres behind the fuel tank, on which is the number 15. This probably  indicates an American race appearance of 1909/10, but the car could also be one of the 1908 GP Benz, and given some fairings and a tail you would have another Brooklands car.

Finally Matchbox have come up with two more of their nicely finished, very small car miniatures, a Citroen CX estate, and a Porsche 928, respectively. No 12 and 59 in their “75” series. In spite of being only 3 inches long the doors on the Porsche and the tail-gate on the Citroen open and the wide wheels on which these models run so freely come as slicks on the 928.  WB