The correspondence on gyroplanes (Autogyro was a trade name belonging to the Cierva Autogiro Company Ltd.) brought back memories. About 1963 I found one under a pile of tyres behind a garage in Kent and in a weak moment bought it for restoration. It turned out to be the Cierva Autogyro AP506 and served with AP507 (now in the Science Museum) at what became 529 Squadron at Halton 1940-45. They were used for calibrating early radar, and mine was peppered with bullet holes.

Extreme airworthiness certificate requirements proved restoration impossible for me. I advertised it as a 7 cylinder radial engined two-seater which caused a bit of fun even if there were no customers. Then one day a Spaniard phoned to arrange to view it. He turned up with cash and a lorry and took it away. His name was Franco.
Ditchling, Sussex. KENNETH BALL