I have worried about the problem of the lack of lane discipline of which RJ Wade complains (Motor Sport, April 1988) for some time. The phenomenon does not only apply to motorways but also to any two- or three-lane carriageways.

Who in their right minds travels in the middle or outer lane of the North Circular Road, only to cut across one or two lanes when they want to exit at Staples Corner? This happens regularly, and usually without the perpetrators checking on the position of following traffic.

I call these drivers "MORONS" (Middle Of the Road Or Nothing).

In an effort to improve road safety and reduce blood pressures (mine anyway), the DoT should run a "Don't Be A Moron" campaign, which hopefully would be more effective than its current "Drive On The Left" leaflets distributed with Road Fund Licence renewals and presumably thrown away by most drivers.

CJ Skeats

Wembley, Middlesex