Grand Prix Reflections — from The 2 1/2-litre Formula Era, 1954-1960.

by Anthony Pritchard. 224 pp. 9 3/4" x 7 1/2". Patrick Stephens Ltd. Denington Estate, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 2RQ. £20.00.

Here is another history book, by an author better known in this country, and covering a specific period, as the subtitle indicates. The pictures are in abundance, many of them published for the first time we are assured, and all very well produced. This period of motor racing was supported by the important manufacturers, like Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Ferrari, Lancia, with HWM, Connaught, Cooper, BRM and others in the running. It is quite recent history for many of us and Anthony Pritchard recalls it all — the cars, the races, the drivers, the less successful and the also-rans, together with the technical developments and designs from this active period of racing. It can be difficult for those writing motor racing history to check facts and one cannot always know whether or not always accurate reports have had to be relied on, but the status of this author and his enthusiasm for the races he writes about are a good guarantee of accuracy.

Sir Jack Brabham has written the Foreword; he was racing rear-engined Coopers and gained his second Drivers' World Championship during the 1954-60 period. There is a full record of F1 results and specifications of the leading racing cars for the years covered. Excellent reading and photo-browsing for those who liked the 2 1/2-litre GP formula. WB

The Crowood Press, Gipsy Lane, Swindon, Wilts., SN2 6DQ have published two new books in their "Autoclassics" series, namely, Ferrari Dino by Anthony Curtis and MGB by Brian Laban. These different but very famous cars have been covered in so many books and magazine articles that to see additional coverage rather weakens enthusiasm. The factor which makes these books viable is the high quality and excellent spread of very good colour plates. The cost of these books is £15.95 each. WB.

Jim Boulton has brought out a new, enlarged edition of his fascinating and useful soft cover work on Powered Vehicles Made in the Black Country, in conjunction with Harold Parsons. It is a book that holds the attention of those who may not need it directly as a reference work. Large pages numbering 112 make it possible to use a good number of well-produced pictures. The makes covered run from the obvious ones such as Sunbeam, Star, Bean and Clyno, etc. to the more obscure makes, the fascination and usefulness being enhanced because commercial and public service vehicles and motorcycles are included. Even the odd flying machine, in fact . . . . Old advertisements bring the text to life and some racing cars like the F2 Turner and record cars such as the Silver Bullet and GET Eyston's 2350hp Thunderbolt bring in our aspect of this pleasing book, while there is a picture of an uncaptioned Brooklands Star on the back cover.

Copies can be obtained for £6.60 post-free, from J. Boulton, 1 la, Ounsdale Road, Wombourne, Wolverhampton, WV5 9JE. WB

Jowett Sport, the magazine size coverage of Jowett Javelin and Jupiter cars in the 1989 Pirelli Classic Marathon and other competition events, not overlooking some events in which pre-war flat-twin models did well, can be obtained from the Jowett CC, c/o Mike Smailes, for £3.00 plus postage. It is edited by Nick Coppin and Geoff McAuley. WB.

Bookmarque Publishing, 26, Cotswold Close, Minster Lovell, Oxon, 0X8 5SX have come up, for £17.95, with a Landscape format book which they say, and I will take their word for it, is the first ever devoted to the G4 version of the Ginetta, which has reached its 30th anniversary. Only 1400 copies of Trevor Pyman's book have been printed but 500 numbered and signed copies in a slipcase are available at £24.95 post-free. The book runs to 168 pages packed with good pictures, including an index, and the author has owned Ginettas since he was 18, and now has a small collection, including a 1958 G2. He is also Registrar of the Ginetta OC, a position he has held for ten years. So this seems a worthwhile study of a likeable car. WB