VSCC Northern Rally

The outcome of the VSCC Northern Rally based on Buxton on May 14 was: Northern Jug (Winner of Class 1): P Hart/D Smith (1930 Humber). Potter Trophy (Best Novice): A King/G Bethel (1939 Alvis). Newcomer’s Award: S Flathers/S White (1926 Bentley). First Class Awards: P Easter (Sunbeam), 1 McEwen (Riley), M Tomlin (Alvis), R Rouse (Bentley). Second Class Awards: K Burnett (Alvis), D Baker (Rolls-Royce), T Jones (30/98), P Cattell (Riley), Jo Winder (A7), F Ashley (MG), I Baxter (A7). Third Class Awards: I Harris (Lagonda), P Glover (Alvis), G Winder (Alvis), A Lupton (Lea-Francis), P Thomas (Riley), C Webb (Alvis).

Topically, a burglary at the start at the Pavilion Gardens caused some delay. There were 74 entries, and two non-starters. Shaw’s 1927 Alfa Romeo retired with a duff magneto, Phelps’ 1937 FN-BMW broke a halfshaft and Harris’ 1934 sic MG Special had differential trouble. The next ‘Northern’ is in 1996. W B

early 30/98 (66.33s) and Pipkin driving Barry Clarke’s little Singer Ten won on handicap, although it took him 79.45s to do so. The 1100cc racing car class went to the rapid Austin/Fiat of Campbell (51.01s), best vintage time going to Lake’s Amilcar-Riley (53.24s). Two vintage Morgans took on three pvt Riley Specials in the 11/2-litre division, and aided by a sic engine, Dunn’s Coventry car was quickest (50.37s), beating Caroline’s Morgan (51.83s). The classes for three-litre and over three-litre pre-war cars and post-war racing cars were combined, which is where we came in; honours to Bruce Spollon and to Freddie Giles. W B