Mystery car competition

A years free subscription is the prize for the knowledgeable reader who recognises this month's mystery offering from LAT Photographic's archives. Answers must be received by July 6 and in the event of there being more than one correct answer, we will favour the entry with the fullest information. Good luck!

Please send your entry to:

Motor Sport, Somerset House, Somerset Road, Teddington, Middlesex. TW11 8RT. UK

Fax:00 44 (0) 8267 5222


Last month: Monnbeam, Danie Duce, Brighton, September 12, 1964, Brighton Speed Trials

Winner: This car made quite an impact 40 years ago as 22 of you identified a dragster in disguise. The fullest answer came form David Puremont of Bristol, who pointed out that Duce was captain of the US Drag Racing Team on a promotional tour to boost the sport in Great Britain.