Porsche GP rumours

A very interesting piece of news has been announced by the Paris newspaperl'Auto to the effect that the famous German engineer Porsche has designed a new 3-litre racing car for the firm of Horch. The car will have 16 cylinders, two blowers, independent suspension, a five-speed gearbox and is expected to produce 320hp. Horch has not raced since the days of the Prince Henry Cup, pre-war.
May 1933

Malcolm Campbell raises world's Land Speed Record

272 miles per hour! As the BBC announcer calmly broadcast the news that Sir Malcolm Campbell had again broken the record for the flying mile, it required an almost impossible amount of imagination to appreciate the nature of his achievement.

Probably the fastest speed seen by most British motor racing enthusiasts so far is the 137mph lap of Sir Henry Birkin at Brooklands. Now try to picture Bluebird travelling at approximately twice this velocity even the most elastic imagination will be hopelessly inadequate.
March 1933

The Alfa Romeo 'retirement'

I am firmly convinced that the sport is bound to suffer whenever a particular make is supreme. Either it discourages rival firms from competing, as happened at Le Mans a few years ago when Bentleys were at the height of their form. Or else the firm in question gains the impression that further wins cannot enhance their reputation, and decides to give racing a rest --- as seems to have happened with Alfa. But we shall see. I shall be surprised if it stands by in the event of a series of Bugatti and Maserati wins.

Meanwhile, the wonderful 'monoposto' Alfas Romeos the finest road-racing cars the world has yet seen, remain at the factory sine die.
February 1933

Reims improvements

This year the Reims grandstand has been completely rebuilt in permanent reinforced concrete, as have the pits, control tower and press room on the opposite side of the road. The severe modem lines of the tribunes are very pleasing to the eye, and the seating capacity is 20,000.
August 1932