Star letter

Magic Montjuich


I was delighted to read Nigel Roebuck's 'Legends' in the June issue on Montjuich Park. I was always fascinated by this venue, but was never lucky enough to see a race there.

Finding myself in Barcelona in March on business. I took myself to Montjuich armed with a map of the track. Finding the course was not difficult and its still all there, pretty much as it was, although I suspect the roundabout near St Jordi wasn't around before! I drove five or six laps, managing a time of about three minutes jostling with other cars and traffic lights, before setting off on foot to take some photos.

It's not difficult to imagine the awe-inspiring sight of F1 cars emerging over the brow and descending on that first hairpin, Miramar. I attach a photograph taken at the descent to Rosaleda, almost at the same angle as your shot of Rolf Stommelen leading in 1975. While it would be fanciful to imagine racing returning to Montjuich, it would be worth a visit for a demonstration run of period F1 cars. I'd make sure I didn't miss that. How about you. Nigel?

Peter Richings,